"DOROTHY" and "Toto" are proudly supported by:

In November 2017 Waiting to Hear received the Jeff Byrd Grant from the Bristol Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities in order to create a first of it's kind Free Pediatric Mobile Hearing Screening Clinic.    If you know of a school, church, or business who would like to schedule a visit for free hearing screens contact us at Check back often for updates!

"Dorothy" is the Chevy Silverado 2500HD who will be task with delivering the clinic to local schools, festivals, churches, businesses, and Waiting to Hear events (in short anywhere there are kids who need screening!)  She was named after Dorothy Gale the beloved character fom The Wizard of OZ.  Our Dorthy -like ALL of our volunteers- has a lot in common with her namesake from the movie.

  •  In the movie Dorothy traveled far from home, where she helped a LOT of people.
  • She helped others obtain things that completely changed their quality of life - like a brain, a heart, courage (and HEARING!)
  • She saw a need and didn't hesitate to provide whatever assistance she could.
  • Along the way she enlisted the help of an exceptional band of volunteers.
  • She had no special training, just a desire to help!
  • At the end of the day all she ask in return was the ability to return home to those she loved
  • (in keeping with the theme the clinic itself is affectionately nicknamed "Toto" because....wherever Dorothy went...Toto always followed.)