* We need as many co-Sponsors as we can get to help make Ally’s Act the law (we need 290 co-sponsors)!

Ally’s Act would provide the following for every state:
1. Coverage for a BAHA or CI device.
2. Upgrade replacement of these hearing devices every 5 years
3. Cover accessories including softband head band, hard band and adhesives.
4. Cover repairs for these devices
5. Cover (1) hearing assessment per year
6. Cover (1) preoperative assessment per year
7. Cover implantation surgery
8. Cover post-operative medical appointments
9. Cover post-operative audiological appointments for fittings, programming and activation
10.Provide aural services related to the use of this device.Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO), who serves as a member of House Leadership and is the Vice Chair of the Medicare for all Caucus, introduced legislation, co-lead by Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) and Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) both co-Chairs of the Hearing Health Caucus, to ensure that private insurance companies provide coverage for osseointegrated hearing devices (“OIDs”), including bone anchored hearing aids (“BAHA”) and cochlear implants. Ally Tumblin, c0-founder of Ear Community, wrote to Congressman Neguse asking him to help her advocate for hearing better and he listened! Congressman Joe Neguse titled the bill “Ally’s Act” in her honor.

What would Ally's Act Cover?

Ally's Act (H.R. 5485)

Ally’s Act, H.R. 5485

Ally’s Act, H.R. 5485 is a national level bill that was introduced on December 18th, 2019 ensuring that private insurance companies provide coverage for osseointegrated hearing devices (“OIDs”), including Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (“BAHA”) and Cochlear Implants (“CIs”). So many of us have had our private insurance providers deny coverage for these very hearing devices for our children and adults. Even our hearing exams and appointments with ENTs and audiologists are costly, including the fittings and programming of these devices, surgery and post-operative care appointments. Ally’s Act would help ensure that private insurance providers cover these costs including the cost of these hearing devices and their accessories, surgery and medical exams as noted in our bill. If Ally’s Act becomes the law, this bill would help thousands of children and adults of all ages have insurance coverage for these devices and here on out.  We need everyone’s support to help Ally’s Act become the law!
Please contact your local congressmen/women and ask them to co-Sponsor Ally’s Act, H.R. 5485! Ally’s Act has been assigned to the House Committee of Energy and Commerce. We must first focus on asking congress members of this committee to co-Sponsor Ally’s Act.  If there is not a representative for your state who sits on the House Committee of Energy and Commerce, please also contact your local representative.

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